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This private debentures for the new Indoopush cyclerickshaw is available to friends and family of Oliver Higson, and is in no way to be considered tradable. These bonds represent a private loan to Oliver Higson.   Purchasers of these forty bonds are to be henceforth known as the Platinum Indoopush-ups, or the Platipush-ups for short.

The money raised by these loans will be used for the acquisition of the new indoopush cyclerickshaw from Chennai (formerly Madras) and its delivery to Kulusuk in Eastern Greenland, and for one pallet of sled dog food pellets to feed the twelve dogs belonging to the Indoopush team over the winter of 2004/5.

There are forty of these bonds in existence, each one numbered and identified by the ten pound note sterling that has been embedded in each one, therefore the total raised for this first issue is four thousand pounds sterling. Each bond represents a loan of one hundred pounds and costs one hundred and twelve pounds. These bonds are redeemable after five years, in September 2009 attracting and accruing over this period five per cent aggregate interest. A further three percent interest will be attracted and accrue should the indoopush initiative to take an Indian cycle rickshaw around the world, be completed successfully. A further bonus will be made at the discretion of  Oliver Higson  should the sales of media concerning the Indoopush Initiative prove particularly lucrative.

These debentures are not transferable without informing the Indoopush Initiative and are only transferable to existing friends and family of Oliver Higson. Any sale to outside parties of the debenture certificate before the five year period has been completed will nullify the terms of this agreement. Platipush-ups acknowledge that the money they have loaned is a personal loan, or can be considered as the purchase of an artwork, or participation in a piece of performance art, and therefore the transaction should not be declared to any tax authority, other than being described as a ‘work of art’.

There will be two Indoopush private debenture issues, the first generating the funds for the purchase of the new Indoopush Cyclerickshaw, and the second generating a fund for ‘The Mad Dogs And Midnight Sun Expedition - Spring 2005: How to take an Indian Cyclerickshaw Across The Greenland Icecap.’ The terms of the second issue are similar to those of the first.  Purchasers of the second debenture issue will be known as the Plutonium Indoopush-ups, or the ‘Radio-actives’ for short. Purchasers of both debentures will be known as Super Nova Indoos, who will be entitled to a reduced price on the purchase cost of their second bond.

For more details of indoopush-up entitlements please contact

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